11/12/2022 – 11/13/2022

Whatz-Up Family Fun Park – Near Dallas, TX – THE FINAL VIPER PAINTBALL EVENT!


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Information about almost everything below can be found in “Nukapedia.”

In the year 2077 a massive, global nuclear war erupted, spurred on by the depletion of the world’s natural resources.  The nuclear exchange lasted only two hours, but it decimated the planet.  The US government saw this coming and began to build fallout shelters known as “Vaults”. While the story was that these were an effort to help Americans survive a nuclear war, the truth was far darker and more sinister. However, the fact remains that many people did, in fact, survive as a result of their construction and use.

After the Great War America became known simply as “The Wasteland.” Most of the population is gone. Food and water have been irradiated. As a result of the radiation, as well as a bioweapon that was inadvertently released during the war, most forms of life have been mutated in one way or another.  Most of the large cities have been looted for anything usable and abandoned. Now the only thing reminiscent of a city are smaller, makeshift communities scattered about the Wasteland.

Many humans who could not get into the Vaults still survived the atomic blasts, but many of these, affected by the radiation, turned into so-called “ghouls.”  While they were given an extended lifespan, most lost their hair and their skin decayed, giving them a zombie-like appearance; often, their voices became raspy. Many ghouls have a hatred for humans, either through jealousy or due to discrimination by the humans. Almost all ghouls resent their comparison to zombies and being called a zombie is viewed as a great insult by them. After suffering mass amounts of radiation, a number of ghouls eventually go insane; these “feral ghouls” become mindless, aggressive creatures, driven only by instinct.

In the decades that followed factions rose up to take control of small areas, and some entire regions. They fought battles and wars over what was left. Some had aspirations to rebuild a new civilization and restore peace. Others were driven only by greed, power, and control.  All the while the remnants of the US Government, as well as descendants of the rich and powerful, known as “The Enclave”, continued to play politics and plot to retake control of this once-great nation and its people.

It’s been almost 200 years since the Great War and the largest of the factions, the “New California Republic”, or NCR, has just defeated another group known as “Caesar’s  Legion” and retaken control of Hoover Dam, providing hydro-electric power to New Vegas. They control more of the Wasteland than any other faction, and are now working to expand further east and take control of Texas, hoping to use some recently-developed ultrasonic technology to tap into oil that is rumored to still remain in the soil beneath it.

However, Texas is currently controlled by another very large faction known as the “Brotherhood of Steel.” The BoS is made up mostly of descendants of the old US military machine, and openly claim to be the sole heirs to all pre-war technology and knowledge, and they pursue this goal with an almost religious fervor. They also see themselves as protectors of the public and will work to provide safety and clean water to all within their realms.

There is a small community known as “The Family.” They can be crafty and unpredictable, and the BoS has lost a number of people to them. However, most of these confrontations were initiated by the BoS personnel who ended up dead. Further complicating things is that fact that just about every time the BoS has considered just eliminating them “The Family” would end up being the only source of some important information about something the BoS was looking for. For this reason the BoS leadership instituted a simple mandate regarding BoS personnel and interaction with “The Family.”

“If you choose to interact with members of the group known as “The Family” and things go south, that is on you. You will not be rescued or avenged, and no retaliation will be launched unless it is completely proven that a member, or members, of The Family were the aggressors in the incident.”

There is also a band of raiders known as the Vipers who are known to operate in the area of the battle. Vicious and stealthy, they are not to be underestimated. You should learn about them if you want to have any chance of dealing with them.


RAD X – Instant insert for one player. Must insert from point of elimination within 60 seconds of elimination. Must leave if barrel-tagged.

REGULAR RAD AWAY – Instant insert for up to five players from hospital

ECONOMY SIZE RAD AWAY – Instant insert for everyone in hospital

Nuka-Cola – ????



10:00am – Camping opens

5:00pm – Check in and paint sales open

8:00pm – Check-in closes

Midnight – Quiet time – Camping areas need to be quiet. No loud partying.


8:00am – All services open

9:30am – Young Gunz Orientation (Ages 15 and under) presented by Team Loyalty at their campsite

10:30am – Mandatory Player Orientation

Noon SHARP! – Game on

5:00pm – Dinner Break

7:00pm – Special Night segment

8:00pm – End of special night segment


8:00am – All services open

9:00am – Game Resumes

12:30pm – Pre Final Battle Break

1:00pm – Final Battle

2:00pm – Game Over!

Awards and door prize drawings to follow

Click here for the Official Viper Scenario Rules