11/14/2020 - 11/15/2020
Black Tree Paintball - 285 Cottletown Rd

An amazing Central Texas venue!


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Special Features!

Castle Anthrax

Inhabitants – The castle is inhabited only by women (and/or possibly men in drag), whose life must seem very dull and quiet compared to yours. They are but eight score young blondes, all between sixteen and nineteen-and-a-half, cut off in this castle, with no one to protect them. But enough of that.

What to expect – Scattered about the playing field will be assorted paddles of different colors. When you approach the castle you should display your paddle and let them see what color it is. Their reaction will be based solely on this color. They may attack you, befriend you, offer you hospitality, or possibly even reward you with something valuable. The reaction to these colors will change every hour or so. All of the maidens’ valuables are secured in a vault, so if you expect to be rewarded you should avoid outright attacks.

The Black Knight

Inhabitant – The (moderately) dangerous “Black Knight.”

What to expect – The Black Knight will engage anyone who attempts to pass through his wood. He will continue to fight as long as he is able. The ONLY way to completely subdue him is with a shot to his center torso. Once he is eliminated, he is bound by normal rules of insertion. However, you can hinder him by “shooting off” his limbs. If you shoot him in an appendage he must cease to use it. ie: Shoot him in the left leg and he must hop or stand only on his right. Shoot his right leg and he must sit. Shoot him in his gun hand and he must shoot with the other hand, etc…

The Bridge of Death

Inhabitant – The Bridgekeeper – He is NOT to be fired upon unless he fires at you first! Failure to abide by this will result in disciplinary action.

What to expect – “Bridge of Death” crosses the “Gorge of Eternal Peril.” If you wish to cross you will need to have someone in your party answer three questions. If you answer them correctly you will not only be allowed to cross the bridge freely, but your side will also be awarded game tokens. If you answer incorrectly you will face great peril.

The French Castle

Inhabitants – The offensive Frenchmen

What to expect – You may be taunted, have animals catapulted at you, or both. Feel free to taunt back, or even throw the animals back at them. But, remember; keep it clean, fun, and good-spirited.

The Killer Rabbit – Intermittently throughout the event

What to expect – The Killer Rabbit will be easily recognizable. The only way to eliminate it is with a “Holy Hand Grenade.” These will be located hidden about the field (kind of like Easter Eggs). If you are shot be the Killer Rabbit normal elimination rules apply. If you eliminate the Killer Rabbit you should escort it to the command center and claim your prize.  With the “bunch of carrots” prop you can influence his direction of travel by throwing them between him and the direction you wish him to go. After they have been deployed the referee will retrieve them and send them to Central Command.

The Knights who say “NI!”

Inhabitants – A small number of mysterious knights

What to expect – The leader of the knights will be easily recognizable, as he will be twice as tall as the others. The only way to eliminate him is with a head shot (as long as he is in “tall mode”). All others in the group can be eliminated as normal. The choice as to whether to shoot at them or bargain with them (possibly gaining valuable props or information) is up to you (and them).

Tim the Enchanter

What to expect – He makes lots of fire and noise. Oh, and he may have answers to your questions. That is, if you can get his attention and get a straight answer from him.

The Cartmaster

What to expect – He can be found rolling his cart and calling “Bring out your dead!” If you bring him your dead you just may find that they’re “not dead yet” as he will be able to resurrect players in very limited numbers. He cannot be eliminated. However, if you choose to shoot at him it just may motivate him to be of more assistance to your enemy. Resurrections cost tokens, and the price for a resurrection may vary throughout the game.

Sir Not-Appearing-at-This-Event

You twit! I just said he wasn’t appearing at this event! Now sod off!

Tokens – The referees and NPCs will have special “tokens” that they will hand out as rewards for active, creative roleplaying. These can be cashed in by your commander for extra supplies and other goodies, but are not worth points toward your score. Therefore, the more you interact with the NPCs and “get into the game” the more it will benefit your side.

Coconuts – May be used by anyone, and may be acquired in various ways. When being clapped together (imitating the sound of horses hooves) you are on “horseback” and cannot fire, or be fired upon. (This includes barrel-tagging). Once you stop you must wait five seconds before you can eliminate anyone, but they may fire upon you immediately after you “dismount.”  Therefore, we suggest finding an appropriate place to “dismount.” Once you are eliminated you must turn in your coconuts to the nearest referee. NO FAKE COCONUTS. EVENT COCONUTS ONLY!

Holy Hand Grenades – These are the only thing that will take out the Killer Rabbit. (He has nasty, big, pointy teeth!) These may be found on the field, or you may be able to talk some of the NPCs out of them.

Mission types

  • Insult objective (Assault) – All members of your party must shout at least one insult about the objective or its inhabitants (PG rated and family acceptable)
  • Abuse objective (Another version of Assault) – All members of your party must approach the objective and physically kick, punch, slap, or otherwise physically attack the bunker (without damaging it)
  • Dance a jig (Patrol) – You must travel between each prescribed point for a period of 20 minutes. At least one member of your party must be dancing. You may all dance if you wish. You may also take turns…as long as someone is dancing.
  • Fart in their general direction (Snipe) – The prescribed number of players must go to the objective and each, in turn, must turn their hindquarters toward the objective, place their tongue between their lips, and blow very hard so as to mimic the sound of a person passing gas in a very noticeable fashion.
  • Tell the other pansies to bugger off (Take & Hold) – You need to secure the area and prevent your opponents from being near the objective. This does not mean that one random enemy player running up and touching it means the mission is a failure. You simply need to have a large number of your own players in the immediate area defending it from enemy control. If the objective is a two story building you cannot enter any taped off portion of the building. (Those are reserved for the NPCs at the objective)
  • Sack (Destroy) – Same as usual
  • Get Nosey (Recon & Report) – Same as usual

Remember, while you are expected to run your missions as normal, doing so with complete disregard for the NPCs will result in your commander not having tokens to buy supplies. This game will still have Medics (Healers), Engineers (Builders), and Demolitions Techs (Sappers), so they will still need supplies.

10:00am: Camping opens
5:00pm: Registration and check-in opens
8:00pm: Registration closes

8:00am: All services open
9:00am – Young Gunz orientation for kids 15 and under by Team Loyalty
10:30am: Orientation
Noon: Game on!
5:30pm: Stand Down

9:00am: Game On!
12:30: Stand Down
1:00pm: Final Battle
2:00pm: Game Over!

Closing ceremonies, awards, and door prizes to follow

Field Map (Click image for higher resolution version)

Location and Directions: