05/29/2021 - 05/29/2021
Fort Paintball - 4404 Dillehay Drive

An exciting new format at a brand new venue!


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Foundation of a unique “big game” format

The basic set-up is two large teams, each with an HQ and a commander. Insertions will be every ten minutes with a one-minute window. So insertion will open for one minute at the top of the hour. Then again at 10 after with a one-minute window. Then at 20 after with a one-minute window.

There will be twelve (more or less) objectives on the field, each with a colored pipe attached to a holder with a chain and a padlock. We will call the pipe a “scoring baton” for now. The scoring baton will likely be PVC about 18 inches long. The body of the scoring baton will be one solid color. (gold, silver, yellow, orange, green, black, white, etc….but NOT red or blue) Each scoring baton will have a red end and a blue end. Each scoring baton will be attached to a holder, on the field, with a chain and a padlock that will allow you to insert either end, leaving your own color pointed up and showing. You can remove it and swap ends, but not take it away from the holder.

Scoring will happen as usual during a regular big game. At scheduled intervals possession/color will be checked, and points awarded accordingly.

Each lock will be unique, and each base ref will have a complete set of keys that fit ALL of the locks. 30 minutes into the game each commander will be allowed to choose one key, at random, from the base ref. The key WILL fit ONE of the locks, but no one knows which one.

If you can find the correct lock, and pull the scoring baton, you can bring it back to your hospital and insert it into a corresponding-colored hole in the “scoring baton receiver.” This will be a stand with a colored hole to match each of the scoring batons in the field.

Once you lock it in place this baton is automatically scored for you at each scoring interval. You also get a permanent one-minute deduction from your insertion clock. That means it will now open every NINE minutes, with a one-minute window. Each side will have a dedicated insertion referee who will monitor this.

Every thirty minutes, at the top and bottom of each hour, both commanders get to choose another key at random from their base ref.

ADDITIONALLY, each side will start with four medics and limited bandage cards. There will be four supply boxes locked out in the field. Each will contain extra bandage cards. It might also contain a couple of medic cards.

The game will continue until stand down, at which time the scores will be tallied, and a winner declared.